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Estella May Culbertson Nichols Family

Estella May Culbertson Nichols.jpg
Estella May Culbertson Nichols tombstone

ESTELLA MAY (STELLA) CULBERTSON NICHOLS (1899-1973) married (and later divorced) Audie Elwood Nichols (1894-1987). Stella lived and worked with her two children, JOE THOMAS NICHOLS (1922-1967) and Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Nichols Freeman (1930-2019) in Wood River, Illinois, before returning to Martin. She owned a small farm just off Lee Road in Weakley County, and died at the home of her daughter, Beth Freeman (and her husband Doyle Freeman) in Indiana, but was brought home to be buried in Freeman Cemetery, alongside her son. Stella was a gracious, kind, and lovely lady.

Joe Thomas Nichols was a World War II veteran. He and his wife, Doris Nichols, had one son, Nicky. They lived in the Chicago area, where Joe loved to play games and enjoy life to the fullest.

Beth Nichols Freeman is buried in the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Nashville.

Joe Thomas Nichols.jpg
Joe Thomas Nichols tombstone.jpg
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