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Freeman Cemetery sits beside what is still a country road in Weakley County, Tennessee.  It was established in the 1800s when the Hendrix family, early white settlers in the area, donated a plot of land for their neighbors to bury family members and friends. The earliest clearly identified burials are four young children--two young sons of James and Mary Meek--Rufus and Franklin--who died shortly after the family's arrival in West Tennessee--and a son and daughter of Davis Allen and Beatrice Ann Freeman. They were buried in 1854, 1856, 1857, and 1858. The cemetery may contain burials from before that time but certainly has been in continuous use since then. Portions of the property were owned by the Brasfield, Brooks, and Freeman-Wood families until Dillard Brooks deeded it to the Freeman Cemetery Association, which maintains and cares for the cemetery today.

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The Freeman Cemetery Association meets every August in Martin, Tennessee. Check back each summer for exact dates.

The 2020 meeting will be August 8, 10:00 a.m., Weldon Public Library. Check back to confirm the exact time.


Our mission in creating the Freeman Cemetery Association and this website is to connect younger generations with the stories that shape them no matter how far flung our families now are, no matter how complex today's issues. Some of our history is difficult, but we acknowledge the importance of understanding the past.


Freeman Cemetery contains burials and memorials for members of the following families, as well as a few others: Brooks, Culbertson, Freeman, Meek, Mahon, and Trevathan. The families often overlap.

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