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Anderson Winchester Trevathan Family

The Anderson Winchester Trevathan family, several of whom are buried at Freeman Cemetery, lived for many years in the neighborhood of the cemetery and was a well-loved and respected family. ANDERSON WINCHESTER (A. W.) TREVATHAN (1856-1935), pictured to the left, farmed land in the community and had a total of ten children with two wives. He is buried in Freeman Cemetery.

Anderson Trevathan's first wife was Molly (Mame) Bevill Travathan (1858-1885), whose tombstone can be found in the Old Ames Cemetery near Martin. They married in Henry County, Tennessee, on October 27, 1875, and had six children, two of whom are buried in Freeman Cemetery:


John Rufus Trevathan (1877-1954)

Nancy Jane (Nannie) Trevathan McGehee (1880-1946)


     her husband, CHESTER TATE (1882-1942)


Maggie L. Trevathan Robertson (1883-1964)

Clearice Ann (Clevie) Trevathan Adams (1884-1917)

Molly Bevil Trevathan cropped and healed

Molly Mame Bevill Trevathan (1858-1885, buried in Old Ames Cemetery)

Mosses & Saludia Cole tombstone.jpg
Mosses  & Saludia Cole cropped.jpg

Mosses Howard and Saludia Cole.

John Rufus Trevathan (1877-1954) married Dena Cole Trevathan (1885-1976). John and Dena are buried in East Side Cemetery.

Dena Cole Trevathan was the daughter of MOSSES HOWARD COLE (1851-1936) and Elizabeth Tidwell Cole (1849-1893). The second wife of Mosses Cole and stepmother to Dena was SALUDIA M. BALDRIDGE COLE (1853-1927). While Elizabeth is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Sharon, Tennessee, both Mosses and Saludia are buried in Freeman Cemetery.


John and Dena were the parents of five children:

Gladys Trevathan Miles (1903-2000)

Mose Ray Trevathan (1909-1971)

Elizabeth Trevathan Killebrew (1911-1976)

Clyde Trevathan

Robert Cole Trevathan (1915-1947)

Gladys married Leonard Miles (1901-1996), and they were the parents of Betty and Barbara. Mose Ray married Martha Helen Barger Trevathan Sellers (1918-2010), and they had one son, Joe Donald Trevathan (1944-2013). Clyde married Mildred Miles Trevathan and, after her death, Clara Larson Trevathan. Clyde did not have any children. Robert never married and died while serving in the Merchant Marines. All of the five children and their spouses are buried at East Side Cemetery with the exception of Clyde and his wives. Mildred is buried at the Public Wells Cemetery, whereas Clyde and Lara were cremated in Chicago.

Joe Donald Trevathan served as the treasurer of the Freeman Cemetery Association and was responsible for much of the maintenance and care that the cemetery received over the years. He never married and left no children, but he is sorely missed by the community. He is buried at East Side Cemetery alongside his parents, but a memorial plaque was placed in Freeman Cemetery in his honor.

John Rufus Trevathan, Dena Cole Trevathan (standing), Mosses Howard Cole, Gladys Trevathan (baby), and Saludia Cole, c. 1904.

Joe Donald Travathan memorial stone.JPG
Cole-Trevathan cropped.jpg

ROBERT E. TREVATHAN (1882-1911) married  Katie Florence Trevathan (later Kelley) in September 1911. Unfortunately, he passed away in late December of that same year and was buried in Freeman Cemetery. Florence later married James Rose Kelley (1875-1955). Florence and James are buried in Hopewell Cemetery in Gleason, Tennessee.

Robert E Trevathan tombstone.jpg
Martha Louise Crutchfield Trevathan tomb
Anderson Trevathan tombstone.jpg
Mollie A Trevathan tombstone.jpg

The name of Anderson Trevathan's second wife was MARTHA LOUISE (MATTIE) CRUTCHFIELD TREVATHAN (1863-1915), and she is buried beside her husband in Freeman Cemetery, under the name "Mattie L." They were married in Weakley County on November 21, 1891, and had four children:





Mollie Anne Trevathan died at the age of 4 and is buried beside her parents at Freeman Cemetery.

Clint married Georgia Gardner Trevathan (1896-1988). For many years, they lived in the nearby community, and Mr. Clint, as he was known, farmed the A. W. Trevathan property. They were the parents of Martha Sue Travathan Foote (1921-2016), Charles Ernest Trevathan (1923-1998), and Mary Louise Trevathan Hooper (1924-1989). Clint and Georgia are buried in East Side Cemetery.

Carrie married Benjamin Hall Miles (1896-1974), and they are buried in the Public Well Cemetery, just a few miles from Freeman Cemetery. They were the parents of Carolyn Miles Westin, Billy Miles (1931-2015), Jeannette Miles Breeden (1935-????), Jimmy Miles (1937-2014).

Addie married William Fonzie Baker (1903-1987), and they were the parents of Billie Mack Baker (1924-1924), Martha Dean Baker Smith (1929-2003), Nola Jeanne Baker Winstead, and John Larry Baker (1939-2018). Addie, Fonzie, Billie Mack, Martha, and Larry are all buried in East Side Cemetery in Martin.

Martha Louisa Crutcfield Trevathan.jpg

Martha Louisa (Mattie) Crutchfield Trevathan (1863-1915).

Two of Martha Louise Crutchfield Trevathan's siblings are also buried in Freeman Cemetery with additional family members.

Trevathan Reunion 1929.jpg

Trevathan family reunion, Sunday, June 7, 1929. Front, seated on the ground: Martha Sue Trevathan and Charles Trevathan. First row, seated: Edwin Taylor, Tom Robertson, Maggie Trevathan Robertson, Mary Louise Trevathan (on A. W. Trevathan's knee), Anderson Winchester Trevathan, Hettie Trevathan Tate, Chester Tate, Martha Dean Baker (baby), Addie Trevathan Baker, Fonzie Baker. Second row, standing: John Trevathan, Rob Trevathan, Elizabeth Killebrew, Dena Trevathan, Era Trevathan, Orman Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Ruby Taylor, Paralee Trevathan, Florence Trevathan Kelley, James Rose Kelley, Georgia Gardner Trevathan, Clint Trevathan. Anderson Winchester Trevathan's children pictured here are: Maggie Robertson, Hettie Tate, Addie Baker, John Trevathan, and Clint Trevathan.

Some years later, Anderson Winchester Trevathan's children. Standing, left to right: Addie Baker, Carrie Miles, Nannie McGehee, Hettie Tate. Seated, left to right: Clint Trevathan and John Trevathan.

Trevathans - Addie Baker - Carrie Miles
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