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Orbin Wesley Culbertson family

Orbin Wesley Culbertson.jpg

ORBIN WESLEY CULBERTSON (1908-1971) lived most of his life in the Chicago area and served in the Coast Guard during World War II. He had two sons, William Wesley Culbertson and Phillip Lewis Culbertson, whereabouts unknown. His older brother Frank said about Orbin: "Boo could stir up more trouble."

Frank Mabel Ruby Lewis and Stell Culbert

Frank Culbertson, Mabel Culbertson Sadler, Ruby Culbertson House, Lewis Culbertson, and Stella Culbertson Nichols--at their brother Orbin Culbertson's funeral, 1971.

Orbin Wesley Culbertson tombstone.jpg
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