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Other Culbertsons

Frank and Adrian Yates Culbertson 2.jpg

Charles Wesley and Ida Elizabeth Culbertson's oldest son, Frank Culbertson (1898-1983), married Adrian Yates, and they lived in Chicago, Illinois, before moving to Clinton, Kentucky in the 1950s, where Frank bought and ran a grocery store for several years. After retiring, he became the city judge in Clinton. A distinguished gentleman and active politician, he would often say--whenever he passed state or federal workers sitting on the side, not working--"Your tax dollars at work."

Frank and Adrian Yates Culbertson.jpg

Elbert Culbertson (1901-1971) married Jessie Barnes and had one daughter, Shirley Culbertson Larson. Later he married Azlee Parham and then Eula Boaz Woodruff. He was affectionately called "the old man" and would jerk the curtains off the window to swat at a fly. He was a farmer in his earlier life and later a factory work in Chicago and Detroit. He moved back to Weakley County in the 1950s. He was a competitive player and highly skilled at any sport, including croquet. He is buried at Bible Union near Hyndsver.

Elbert and Eula Woodruff Culbertson 1960
Elbert Culbertson with Tippy late 1960s.

Elbert and Eula Woodruff Culbertson, left, and Elbert with Tippy the dog, above.

Fred and Montez Maynard Culbertson.jpg

Fred Culbertson (1905-1977) married Montez Maynard and lived in Detroit. They had three sons: Charles Culbertson, Robert Culbertson, and Michael Lee Culbertson. They moved back to the Gleason, Tennessee area later in life, and Fred is buried in the New Hope Cemetery there.

Ruby Cassandra Culbertson House (1914-2001) married J. B. House, a World War II Navy veteran, in 1932. They had two children: Mary Nell House Robertson and Kenneth Elbert House. Ruby and J. B. moved to Detroit in 1941, where she worked in several factories after the war. They returned to the Hyndsver community in the 1950s, where they farmed until retirement. They spent winters in Florida, and both she and J. B. won numerous awards, including national ones, in shuffleboard tournaments. Happy, full of energy, supportive of her family, she was said to be more like their mother than just a sister.

Mary Nell House Robertson is married to Leevan Robertson, and Kenneth Elbert House has been married twice, first to Mary Ann Cowsert, then Martha Ellen Evers.

Ruby and J. B. House are buried at East Side Cemetery in Martin.

Ruby Culbertson House.jpg
Ruby Culbertson House 2.jpg
Ruby Culbertson and JB House.jpg
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