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Della Suggs Freeman tombstone.jpg
Press Freeman tombstone.jpg
Press and Della Suggs Freeman plus Cecil

Press Freeman with first wife, Della Suggs Freeman, and children Cecil and Phoebe, standing in the front yard of their home.

PRESLEY EVANS (PRESS) FREEMAN (1876-1945) owned land in the community where Freeman Cemetery is located. His first wife, DELLA SUGGS FREEMAN (1879-1917), was the mother of his children. Della's sister FARRAH SUGGS HOGARD and her husband, JAMES HOGARD, are also buried in Freeman Cemetery and are discussed in the Meek and Mahon family page. Press Freeman's second wife was DAISEY TIDWELL BROOKS FREEMAN, and she is also buried in Freeman Cemetery, as is her first husband, LOUIS VINCENT (LUVIE) BROOKS, and her sister, RUTH TIDWELL BROOKS.

After the death of his parents in the 1883 house fire and after the death of their only child, Press was taken in by his somewhat older cousin, Margaret Etta Freeman Wood, and her husband, T. C. Wood, and raised as their own.

Press and Della Freeman had three children:

CECIL FREEMAN (1898-1983)



Cecil Freeman, Daisey Tidwell Freeman, Press Freeman, Phoebe Freeman, and T. C. Freeman.

Press and Daisey Freeman cropped and fil
Daisey Tidwell Brooks Freeman.jpg

Above, Press Freeman with his second wife, Daisey Tidwell Freeman. Left, Daisey Tidwell Freeman.

Cecil - Daisey - Press - Phoeby - T C Fr

Cecil Freeman (1898-1983) married Relma Taylor Freeman (1904-1988), and they are buried in East Side Cemetery in Martin, along with their son James Presley Freeman (1919-1970). James's widow, Pauline Taylor Freeman, lives in Martin, while their son, Larry Freeman, and his wife, Gail, live in Kentucky.

Phoebe Dove Freeman (1900-1982) married Gilbert Staulcup (1890-1965). They were the owners of Gil-Dove Airport, very near Freeman Cemetery, now the site of Westview High School. The Staulcups did not have any children.

T C Donald Freeman.jpg
Blance Brooks Freeman.jpg
Jere and Barbara Freeman and Kent and El

Jere and Barbara Magnuson Freeman and Elaine Freeman and Kent Reasons.

Jere and Barbara Freeman tombstone.jpg

THOMAS C. (DONALD) FREEMAN (1910-1980) married LUDIE BLANCHE BROOKS FREEMAN (1908-1996). They had four children.


DONALD FREEMAN (1935-2009)


AMY JO FREEMAN (1942-1947)


Thomas and Blanche, along with their daughter, AMY JO FREEMAN (1942-1947), are buried in Freeman Cemetery.


In addition, more recently their son JERE EVANS FREEMAN (1936-2017) and his wife, BARBARA JEAN MAGNUSON FREEMAN (1940-2016), long supporters of Freeman Cemetery, are also buried there.


Their son Donald (1935-2009), and his wife, Jane Ingle Freeman (1935-2009), are buried in Birmingham, Alabama.

Donald and Blanche Freeman's other daughter, Elaine Freeman Reasons, and her husband, Kent Reasons, live in Pennsylvania.

Press Freeman with grandson Donald Brook

Press Freeman with grandson Donald Brooks Freeman.

Thomas Donald and Blanche Freeman tombst
T C Donald and Blanche Freeman.jpg
Blanche Freeman with daughter Amy Jo.jpg

Above, T. C. Donald and Blanche Brooks Freeman on their wedding day. Left, Blanche Brooks Freeman with Amy Jo Freeman.

Amy Jo Freeman tombstone.jpg
Jere and Barbara Freeman cropped.jpg

Jere and Barbara Magnuson Freeman.

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